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Hydro-Geological Investigation

Our team is highly responsive and committed to develop integrated and practical solutions to all studies related to groundwater management

Remote Sensing and GIS Studies for groundwater and other earth resources.

We detect underground water & evaluate available water resources for long term with projections on life of water resources.

Rain water Harvesting

Water conservation, rain water harvesting and dewatering of mine studies. Storm water management studies in urban areas, on roads , factories & colonies.

Bore well Construction and Design

Construction of tubewells, assembly design , selection of pumps & installation in most scientific manner .

Remote Sensing and GIS Studies

Remote sensing studies for resources survey using satellite data and imageries with GPS & GIS study as required.

Mineral Exploration through geo-physical survey

Mineral & water resources detection by geo-electric & geo-physical methods and estimation of resources up to first approximation.

Soil Resistivity

Detail study of soil resistivity, load bearing capacity & foundation study is carried out.

Surface Water Study

Study and distribution of surface water in space and time including river water potentiality.

Water Pollution Studies and Remedial Measures

In this study, we evaluate the contamination of groundwater for determining an adequate and appropriate solution for pollution studies.

CGWA NOC for Ground Water Extraction

Obtaining a NOC for Groundwater extraction from CGWA is one of the mandatory parts of the process for Indian projects. Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has been constituted under Section 3 (3) of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to regulate and control development and management of ground water resources in the country for existing and new projects of industry and infrastructural nature.

GEO-Electric Survey

Geo-electric survey is done with the help of Digital Deep Resistivity Monitor – Aqua Meter CRM-500 through which low frequency electrical currents are injected into the ground and resistivity signatures are obtained which are further interpreted with the help of latest and sophisticated software and aquifer position for groundwater and sub-surface position for minerals are determined.

Groundwater and Salinity Management and Assessment

Salinity assessments provide information on the current status and future predictions of areas affected by salinity. We undertake salinity and remedial measures to reduce/eliminate salinity.